Hassle free secure WiFi solutions for business

Small businesses deserve great Wi-Fi. Whether you run a recruitment agency, or a burger joint, your staff and guests expect fast, flawless connectivity for their applications and devices.

That’s why YourComms introduced YourWiFi. YourWiFi delivers secure, high-speed wireless connectivity that’s completely hassle-free as YourComms set up and manage the entire network.

YourWiFi comes with the quality, performance, and exceptional support customers expect from YourComms.

Why Managed WiFi

You want to spend your time running your business, not running your WiFi network. With YourWiFi we use a cloud-based web portal to keep an eye on the health of each customer’s network and easily troubleshoot problems if they arise.

With Managed WiFi you always have the latest network and security features—delivered from the cloud—and installed on your schedule. There’s no downtime for upgrades. YourWifi is always up-to-date.

Our Range of WiFi Solutions

YourWifi uses Aruba Instant On technology. Whatever your WiFi needs we have a solution that’s right for you.

Aruba APD11D
Indoor Desk / Wall Access Point
Aruba AP11
1167Mbps Indoor Access Point
Aruba AP12
1600Mbps Indoor Access Point
Aruba AP15
2033Mbps Indoor Access Point
Aruba AP17
Outdoor Access Point

Why Choose YourComms?


    15-minute response time


    An Extension of Your Business


    Reduced Spend & Complete Control