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Where it all started…

Your IT Department was formed by Directors Lee Hewson and Simon Cox back in 2009. Lee and Simon had a simple vision; to provide a customer focused, high quality IT service for local businesses that went beyond just fixing computers and providing hardware.

“From day one we wanted to provide more than an IT helpdesk. The name came about as we wanted to be our clients whole IT Department. This meant more than fixing things. It meant understanding the business and working with them to ensure the technology helps get that business where it wants to be” explains Simon.

Over the decade that has followed it’s formation the business has grown considerably. Now situated in it’s third home at Farrington Way, Your IT Department employs 16 people and provides managed IT support to over 100 clients across the East Midlands and beyond.

In 2019 Your Comms was born, taking the principles of fully managed support into the highly complex world of communications and providing clients with simple, fully managed solutions for phones, mobile, broadband, WiFi and video conferencing.

The emphasis for Your Comms has always been on customer service, an area that is often lacking with managed communications. Now looking after phones, broadband and mobiles for 25+ businesses we are anticipating significant growth in 2021/22 as companies look to upgrade communication systems. Our clients have been able to transition to working from home easily as their IT and communication systems have been fully integrated.

We’ll leave the final word to Directors Simon & Lee:

“Small businesses often find themselves with a number of different providers for their mobiles, broadband and phone systems. This provides owners with admin headaches and, potentially, paying far more than they need too. By offering simple managed solutions we look to bring clarity and transparency, whilst saving the business money.”

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